25 Most Important CSS Code Snippets for Coder

Today we are going to discuss the most important CSS code snippets for coders. These are really helpful for every coder. Such as a CSS3 Speech Bubble, CSS3 Gradients, Drop Cap Paragraphs, Triangular List Bullets, CSS Fixed Footer etc. These code snippets are enriched and effective to make your development faster and reduce your pain to write lots of code. So let’s get started.

1. CSS Reset

This is the basic and common CSS code snippets for CSS browsers reset. Based on Eric Meyer’s reset codes we just customize this CSS code snippet with including some others code for responsive images, and set all core elements to border-box property, and also keep the margin and padding align properly.

2. Cross-Browser Transparency

To create an opacity element, CSS still requires a few updates. You need to add vendor prefix and to handle any older version of IE you have to apply the filter property to make a transparent element.

3. CSS Blockquote Template

This chunk of CSS code snippets is really helpful to separate quote and repeated content on any blog or web page.

4. Individual Rounded Corners

CSS3 rounded corners are most familiar nowadays. Every website has at least one element that is applied to rounded corners. Sometimes we need to set an element with different rounded corners. So have this CSS code snippet and apply it your own design.

5. General Media Queries

This is really an excellent template to make a responsive design. Just copy and paste it into your stylesheet and write the necessary code for every query block.

6.  Web Safe CSS Font Stacks

No worries to find the appropriate fonts for your new design, Just use this CSS code snippet to and reduce your brainstorming about font stack. You can find some other font stack example in CSS Font Stacks.

7. Custom Text Selection

Modern browsers are allowed to highlight your selection with your own style. You can use this CSS code snippet to make your own selection style by changing the color code.

8. Hiding H1 Text Logo

H1 is an SEO friendly tag. You can create a text logo in the H1 tag to get a better result for SEO purpose. Just write your text logo inside the H1 and add this CSS code snippet to hide the text with your logo.

9. Anchor Link Pseudo Classes

Commonly we use :hover on anchor style. But this CSS code snippets are the full reference for anchor style. Especially for beginners, this will help out to write a perfect coding formation for anchor link. These are the four basic state for an anchor link with also some other HTML elements.

10. Fullscreen Backgrounds with CSS3

This CSS code snippets will work fine for Safari 3+, Google Chrome, IE 9+ Opera 10+ and Firefox 3.6+ but in Firefox 4 support the non-vendor prefixed version.

11. Force Vertical Scrollbars

TThis CSS code snippet will allow making your page height a little bit higher than the browser height. It forces scrollbars to appear and stay in a place at all time.

12. CSS3 Gradients Template

Another most important CSS code snippets for creating any gradients color. No need to use any tools from online, just code and paste the template and change the color value according to your need.

13. @font-face Template

Another CSS code snippets that are allowed to embed your own TTF, OTF, SVG and WOFF font into your design. Just using this CSS code snippets it will be very easier to implement and no need to memorize this code. This example lets you solve your font facing problem.

14. Drop-Cap Paragraphs

Drop-Cap is used mostly in printed area. This is also used in the web page for some blog site, new site. The above CSS code snippets are really a fine template to use drop-cap in your design.

15. Inner CSS3 Box Shadow

Box shadows generally look great and this above CSS code snippets will force inner shadows to any element and it looks good.

16. Outer CSS3 Box Shadow

Box shadows generally look great and this above CSS code snippets will force outer shadows to any element and it looks good.

17. Triangular List Bullets

This is really a cool technique to create a triangular bullet list. It works fine in respected browsers. Just using this CSS code snippet to add a triangular bullet to your list.

18. Centered Layout Fixed Width

These above CSS code snippets help you to create a centered layout with a fixed width. This is actually for horizontal positioning with is really works perfectly on a fixed width layouts.

19. CSS Fixed Footer

The above CSS code snippets allow you to create a fixed footer at the bottom of your page.

20. CSS3 Glowing Inputs

In Google Chrome and Safari you already noticed that the input behavior is not same as you declared or with other browsers. It creates an outline of forms. To avoid this annoying outline just use this above CSS code snippets and set up a new design for basic input elements.

21. Force Code Wraps

Commonly the pre tag format your text like a Notepad or TextEdit.  Sometimes you need to force wrap your example code instead of breaking your current container. This CSS code snippets let you solve this issue and you can wrap your pre tag text forcibly inside your container.

22. CSS3 Speech Bubble

Creating a bulletin board or comment your mind comes with a speech bubble user interface. This above CSS code snippets will help you to make the speech bubble or chat bubble in your bulletin or comment box.

23. CSS Tooltip Hovers

Firstly you think to use a jQuery plugin to show a tooltip on your site. But CSS tooltip is really best and easy to implement. This CSS code snippets will help you to make your tooltip without any single line of jQuery.

24. Paper Page Curl Effect

You can use this effect almost any container on your design where holds some content inside. This above CSS code snippets allows you to create a  page curl effects easily.

25. Github Fork Ribbon

The above CSS code snippets are simple and easy to create ribbons like GitHub.

That’s all. Thanks for being with cssanimation team.