CSS Tutorial – Learn to Enhance The Website Usability with CSS Hero

May is not the boring and usual resolution of one’s New Year. Although, it is directly linked to the fact of one’s “Improve my finances” resolution. And if you look into the most common resolutions this is one of the top three New year’s resolutions people make every year. To see, 50% of the online sales loses or cannot reach their target because visitants cannot find the information or data they need to work on it.

And hitherto, 49% of the sites do not maintain or follow or understand or grasp or obey the basic or the most general usability of the principles, as to mention, it is important to present information or data in an easy-to-digest, logical way. And placing it where it can be easily found. So that the user would find it easier and simpler to work with. Working in order to improve the website usability can create a great benefit for your bottom line. Matter of fact, it can also increase or boost your conversions, exchanges, resolutions and sales faster and better than any other marketing leadership.

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Improve Website Usability with CSS Hero

Due to all this, it was decided to take a scrutinizing look at how the CSS Hero can help a person to make their website friendlier, faster, devoted and more intuitive and, conclusively, more profitable, successful and developed. In the given text there are five most common usability standards, criteria and how to implement or achieve them with the help of CSS Hero.

CSS Hero

CSS Tutorial – Learn to Enhance The Website Usability with CSS Hero

  1. Clear & Consistent Visual Hierarchy 

Let’s ask you if you have like ever been on a website that looks like a dressy cluttered closet? And have you bought or dealt anything from it? Can we very easily beat that? Sadly, the answer would be no. Poorly designed, organized or constructed websites look confusing, not user-friendly unprofessional, hard to deal with and even worse than that it can be overwhelming. If you wish to be successful, you better not be that guy. You can rather create or establish a scan-able layout. One that comes with clear specifications hierarchy and headings that are what consistent throughout any website.

Now if you go to the Text property within the CSS Hero interface, you can easily adjust the color, the size of it, the front of it and the typeface for titles and headers, by creating or adding different header styles that will guide or escort to your visitor. And highlight the important information or data that is needed to work with. There are possibilities as you may say chances are endless here. But it is rather better to stick to just 4 or even fewer colors for the text. Otherwise, it can get really confusing. This is something that NO ONE wants for their website. So the rule to hit website would be just FOUR or fewer colors.

  1. Clearly Defined Links

It is a common or most famous way of usability practice is to color and underlines the link text to show or display that it is clickable. Users should not have to guess or hover all over the page to find links. This is highly unacceptable.

CSS Hero

CSS Tutorial – Learn to Enhance The Website Usability with CSS Hero

If you ask what could be the best color for this particular type, I would say you can go with Blue. The widely known color to use for links. Because it has become a standard or most widespread convention or a way to represent a hyperlink. If you are looking for something that would add a hover or flatter effect to a link, such as changing the color of it, you will have to further show users that the link given is clickable.

Nevertheless, it is very important or some may say mandatory not to rely on just colors alone since researchers show that about 8% of men are found as colour-blind. The growing vast senior population also has difficulties distinguishing between small elements, so by underlining a link will make your website more usable for anyone with visual impairments. This is a short tip to make one’s website super hit.

Belatedly, it is important and a must to define or distinguish the visited links, in order to save your users from the frustration of revisiting the same pages over and over again. This can cut visitors from the website. One must always remember that users’ satisfaction. And betterment is the prime motivation. User experience (UX) experts have recommended that by picking a paler version of the regular link color for the visited link, so if your links are blue, just to say, make the visited links light blue. It can make the experience of the users smoother and much fonder.

How to Define Normal, Hover, Active,  AMD Visited Status with CSS Hero? 

All of this may seem like a lot of work to squeeze just a small detail. Nevertheless, with the help of clearly defined links have the ability to make a huge difference in website usability. The brighter part of this is, styling the common, hover and visited statuses of links is faster and easier with the help of CSS Hero Status Editor Tool. Once you have edited a selected link, CSS Hero will automatically update the rest of the links on the page unless you have applied CSS Custom Class or Custom ID to some of them. This is the only exception otherwise; CSS Hero would automatically lessen your work to half.

  1. Easy-to-Read Font Size & Spacing 

One of the biggest and most popular UX myths is that people actually READ on the web. Well, this must come out as a surprise. But they actually don’t. Relief? Yeah, sort of it is. The widely enormous majority of the web users actually slightly scan the web pages just to quickly find the glance of the information they need. And if they don’t, they just simply abandon the page, or, even worse, the shopping cart. Surprised? Well, this actually happens. As on average, a handful of studies shows it clearly. According to a research by Nielsen Norman Group, merely 28% of a web page text gets read. This makes it essential to maximize the opportunities to get your message across.

CSS Hero

CSS Tutorial – Learn to Enhance The Website Usability with CSS Hero

With CSS Hero, it would enable you to customize fonts on any theme, so you can separate a web-friendly font, set it to be long enough and then just pick a color that contrasts sharply with the background perfectly. White space can also affect the readability: Adjusting letter and word. And line spacing with the help of CSS Hero to make sure your text is not crammed together. One of the best thing about CSS Hero. Isn’t it?

  1. Important Information Placed Invisible Spots 

It is very very important for you to make sure that you place the due important information or scrape of data along both the vertical and the horizontal lines of that F. For example, install your website tagline and call-to-action in the upper horizontal line, blog post headings should be in the bottom horizontal line. And navigation or other attention-getters along the vertical line should be placed on the left side of the screen.

What comes next is, helping the users to find the right information or data that the need to work properly just by styling individual elements in bold. Another trick is to use noticeable colors. A handful obvious examples would be the sign-up forms or the calls-to-action. And how about special offers. The default theme or page builder settings may leave these elements looking a little “blah.” It might sound like a rare case but this actually happens a lot. A lot more than you are thinking.

CSS Hero is again here to help. All you have to do is just simply use it to change the background or font colors, add borders or shadows. And give your elements some space by increasing padding. Just some simple changing and your website ready for some serious action. About this, using backgrounds can help to create an eye-catching captivating scrolling narrative, or even to separate sections with just mere color. Take CSS Hero Readymade styles, for example, a great help in styling elements within just one click. Give Readymade styles a try next time you are editing a form, button, or section of your website. Give it a shot and see the magic work.

  1. Logical Navigation 

A big NO NO, in this case, would don’t rely on website search function to make up for poor navigation. According to the research, it is shown that over 70% of users prefer to click on linkS. Rather than use the search function to arrive at the information they need. It is easier to recognize a correct navigational link than recall a term and then search for it.

CSS Hero

CSS Tutorial – Learn to Enhance The Website Usability with CSS Hero

Both content organization and logical information structure are so important. And this is the reason why Content organization and the logical information is a very effective part of improving website usability with the help of CSS Hero. So it should be noticed. Whether the placement of the navigation menu is in a place where users expect it to be. Across the top of the page or on the left side of the page for a vertical menu. Again let me remind you Users satisfaction is the main motive here. While deeper onto that using merely short, simple and familiar words for the navigation menu easily will ensure that it is much easy to understand and rather uncluttered itself. Easily understood navigation menu makes the experience for the users simple and delightful.

If you let it be, CSS Hero can actually help you styling navigation menus, website sections or also even link. Basically, CSS Hero is a magical charm. Well, jokes apart. So you can guide visitors and users to the information or data they are looking for. Oftentimes, this functionality is not available through theme settings. And with the help of tools like CSS Hero enables you to improve website usability and design at the same time. Great, isn’t it?

Now take a close look at the examples below. With the help of CSS Hero, you can set the color. And the size of your navigation bars, create or add tabbed effects for navigation menus, or edit the link colors of the active page. This would make your navigation menu attractive to the viewer and help to catch more user. Thus the website you become a great hit.

Below there is an example of highlighting important information and data so your visitors do not miss it. It should be kept in mind that visitors can always reach on to the data. That you think they are going to need or want.


CSS Tutorial – Learn to Enhance The Website Usability with CSS Hero

After all these things you can say that some of these usability guidelines may seem nit-picky to you. But the compiled outcome, they “make the design,” the user experience. And even affect your revenue. Now with a couple guidance of all these usability guidelines. And your long fascinated website the final outcome by ringing your goal of usability.

Typically, any of the usability changes should be done with your visitors. And their online behavior in mind. Cause the main reason behind all these is the satisfaction of the users. The utmost goal should be meet the needs of the visitors. And now for this, you best must keep in mind the criterion your dear visitors going to set. As you are detecting this, assume that you have completed half of your task. All you have to do is think about their age, gender, online habits and device preferences, simplicity, user friendliness and so on. We most sincerely hope that the CSS Hero gives you ample enough of tools so that you can cater to any audience now and make exquisite website changes that can help you serve them better. Remember, the main motto is to serve the visitors.

These might seem complex and short changes or tips and tricks. But by putting all of them together you can see a better website with your desired usability. Some folks would say these things are complicated. And confusing so for them the suggestion would think of yourself as a visitor visit a random website. Now list down all the things that are bothering you. And apply all those things on your very own website. Sounds a lot simpler now? doesn’t it? Voila! There you go. Problem Solved.

Any confusion? Let us know anytime. And to know more about CSS and Web Animation, keep in touch with http://cssanimation.io/

Thank you.

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