Hasty the Best WordPress Code Snippets Generator

WordPress is the most powerful and popular blogging and content management system(CMS) written in PHP. This is completely open-source and was started in 2003 for just a blogging platform and now it’s a full content management system in the world. Most of the developers first choice to build any kind of relate website with WordPress. It has a huge community and tons of plugins, widgets, and themes to build a website easier. 

When developing with WordPress, you need to create custom post types, taxonomies, shortcodes and other useful stuff. To save your development time you may generate a code snippet with some WordPress generator plugin. You may find on the internet.

But Hasty (WordPress Code Snippets Generator) is one of the best Wordpress Code Snippets Generator ever seen, it is completely FREE and faster than other and no need to create an account to use this. You can use Hasty in any commercial and non-commercial projects.

Hasty the Best WordPress Code Snippets Generator

Currently Hasty has twelve powerful and simple wizards to make WordPress code snippets, these are –

  • Menu Generator
  • Taxonomy Generator
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Custom Post Type Generator
  • Visual Composer Element Generator
  • Post Status Generator
  • Sidebar Generator
  • WP Query Loop Generator
  • Metabox Generator
  • Widget Generator
  • Term Meta Generator
  • Option Page Generator

All of these generators have own pages and has a great and simple tool to generate your own code snippets. It’s very easy and simple to handle it. We just give an example and discuss Hasty Menu Generator. Hope you will get it and going easily with others.

Just click on Menu Generator on located on the Hasty home page. After loading this page you will be asked for some inputs. Follow the below steps to get you code snippets.

Hasty Step #01: In Function Name input box, you need to provide a name for your menu function which will be initialized with init hook by add_action function. We just enter “cssanimationmenu” in this box as our function name. See, on the right of this page, a code will automatically generate.

Hasty Step #02: In Text-Domain input box, you need to provide a text domain name to translate your WordPress site. This is optional but we recommend to use this. We just enter “cssanimation” in this box as our text domain.

Hasty Step #03: In Menu fieldset, you need to provide your menu slug and a short description of each. With the plus button, you can add more menu and also remove if needed by minus icon. Menu slug will be like primary_menu, social_menu, footer_menu.

Hasty Step #04: Finally, click the button called Copy Generated Code to Clipboard or manually copy your code from the right sidebar and enjoy the coding.

Full Example for Wordpress Code Snippets Generator

So we do believe you may handle every wizard and generate the code with its simplicity.

Thanks for wasting your valuable time with this article, hope it will help you to reduce your WordPress development time.

❤ with cssanimation.io