Improve Your Website Interface With Greensock!

What is Greensock?
Greensock is an open-source Javascript library that helps you create animation effects for your website. Greensock, also known as GS or GSAP (Greensock Animation Platform) is extremely fast, very robust and compatible with all modern and even most of the older browsers. It is very easy to use and definitely a viable choice for even absolute beginners willing to add animation effects to their website. So, are you up for improving your website interface with Greensock?

Why Greensock?
With over 230,000 downloads and with twice as many CDN calls, Greensock is the indubitably the most popular animation library. It provided the most popular API for Flash and now provides the best API for Javascript. With so many testimonials, it is difficult to believe that Greensock lacks in any department. From the compressed version of TweenLite to the full featured TimelineMax, there is a library for every kind of need.

How do I use Greensock?
Greensock is so easy to use that most beginners choose to use it over CSS Animation. And the best part is: it has been there even before CSS3 introduced CSS Animations. That means, people have been animating with Greensock long before they even started animating with CSS3. Therefore, it has a bigger support community. With the well-detailed tutorials on the GS website, you hardly would ever need it, but there is that large user-base, just in case.

Why would I even need animations?
There is this old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. And in case of animation “A moving picture is worth even more”. It goes without saying that animations add style to a website and brings better immersion to its users. Sure, a great design in itself is enough to make a website come to life. But when you actually make the website move, the aesthetics gain a whole new level of vitality. Try bringing a little motion in your static website. Are you ready now to improve your website interface with Greensock?