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Getting started with CSS Animation

The human eye perceives motion first, silhouette second and color last. Therefore, using motion, or animation, uses people’s natural predisposition towards the movement to draw attention to your website.

Animation draws valuable interaction and feedback, as well as enhance the emotional experience, bring delight, and add personality to your interface. As Frank Thomas, one of the pioneers of traditional animation, once said: Animation is the illusion of life. Therefore, it literally brings your website into life.

What is CSS animation?

CSS Animation is a modern art-form that helps you create animations. If you are a beginner in CSS or have a little bit of knowledge in CSS, or even an expert; you must have felt the need for a ready-made template that makes the animation a lot easier than before. You might have felt that “If there was a ready-made template where all types of formats are already installed and were ready to use just like that…….”

We have catered to that need and have made this template, where you will find almost all kind of formats that you might need. In only a few cases, it might need a trivial change to make your desired animation. For the rest, it’s just simple “paste and go”.

For the Front-end Development Professionals.

You might be very talented in your field, but we can bet that you get bored of grinding through repetitive lines of codes, every time you work. We are here to make your job easier and reduce the work pressure and help you relax. Why do the extra work if there is a solution that gives you a faster result, sometimes even better ones. Use the plugin and redirect your efforts towards other things. We are here to help you. Take the shorter way to achieve greater successes.

Have you ever been asked by your client, boss or designer to create some nice animations for the next web project?

You can’t say “No, I can’t do it.” That’s not what a modern front-end developer would say.

Just follow our way to achieve it in a shorter period of time.

Or maybe a complete beginner?

Are you a complete beginner on CSS animation

Nothing to worry about!!!

We are here to help you. Use our plugin to prepare you as an expert in CSS animation. We have put a lot of effort to make your life easier. Utilize your skills for other important things in life. Just follow the easy instructions below.

Are you a developer with many years of experience and want to take your web animations to the next level?

Have a lot of experience in your pocket and want to take the animation to another level where, it became an art? You are at the right place. Our plugins will help you reduce your effort on trivial things and will enhance it to reach the peak of your animation skill. Enjoy the plugin and have fun.

Whoever you are, we are here to help.

There are so many options

The prospect of searching through countless plugins to find the one that you need can be a scary one; especially if it’s the first time you are working with CSS animations. There are just too many options to choose from and too many questions to be answered. Have you been in that situation?

Don’t worry

You’ve come to the right place.

Here are the options, regardless of your skill level or a stage of your career.

It will also save you a lot of time lurking on the web, instead you can start having fun with CSS animations. is the easiest way to create your project. In a simple way you will be able to make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your next project.

Can be very helpful for you

  • No dependencies: The library is works great independently. This is not built with any third party plugins, so you don’t need to worry about any of them.
  • Lightweight: is just only 84kb with 300 eye catching animations. This is truly lightweight compare with others.
  • Expandable: This plugin is more flexible and efficient to add new animation. More robust and developer friendly to add feature.
  • Crazy fast: This plugin is truly faster than other complicated plugins.
  • Animate anything: can help you to animate anything as you want.

Browser compatibility

  • Internet Explorer (IE) 11
  • Microsoft Edge 14 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 52 and above
  • Google Chrome 49 and above
  • Chrome for Android 57
  • Safari 10 and above
  • iOS Safari 9.3 and above
  • Android Browser 4.4 and above

For detailed browser support, check

Dedicated support

Sometimes developers may be getting stuck! In that case with this product, read the documentation more carefully. It will help you to figure out the problem and solutions.

A worse case can be happening anytime! So don’t worry about that, just landing on GitHub issues and Wiki section and get the solution over tons of questions and discussions.

When you are unable to get any corner and losing your hope, don’t be hesitate! We are here to get back your hope. Just ping use with writing your problem specifically. Our team is always ready to give you premium support.

You are cordially invited to share your amazing solution with us.

Contributed by want community people to grow up healthy. All your issues, pull requests and stars are welcome.

Amzad Hossain, Miraz Hossain, Azizul Hakim Bappa
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